My next goals

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After last month’s successful ultra race (more on that later), I feel like I can now look at my goals for the rest of the year. I definitely want to get faster and break my speed records at just about Evey distance. That’s a pretty tall order. I haven’t trained for speed in a long time. A very long time.

My fastest 5k is a shade over 24 minutes. Right now I’m just starting to flirt with slipping under 30 minutes. Here’s the thing: during my truraining for the ultra I was working on running slow. Now that I know I can do the distance, I can look to add some speed.

It’ll take some time to get to 24, but the speed is building. On April 27 I’ll do a 5k speed test with a goal of being close to 29 minutes.

By the end of the year I know I can do sub 24.

But that’s not my only goal. I want to set records at the 10k, half marathon, marathon and 50k distances. I also want to hit 1,200 miles this year. Right now I’m just a hair off pace, mostly due to recovering from the ultra.

Today I had a good four miler. 39:44 that included a long hill at the end. My 5k split was 30:32. Not bad. I’ve got a speed session scheduled for Wednesday.

It’s funny, but as nervous as I was going into the ultra, it’s given me a good deal of confidence for the rest of 2013. Records will fall. Cool.

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