2013 Resolutions

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I’ve got a lot big plans for 2013. Some are personal, some are professional and plenty are family related.

2012 was a very good year in a lot of ways. I worked hard to improve myself in several categories and I intend on continuing that into the new year.

My running and fitness goals:
Run 100-125 miles a month
Run 1200 miles in 2013
Complete 100 pushups in one set
Complete 200 crunches in one set
Complete 15 pullups in one set
Drop weight to 155
Run at least 45 miles in the 12 hour race*
Complete the Red Top Mountain 50K
Run a sub 4:30 marathon
Run a sub 5:30 50K
Run a sub 59 minute 10K
Run a sub 24 minute 5K

I think some of these are definitely doable – the first two definitely. The “speed” goals mentioned in the last four will come as my mileage and speed continues to improve.

The fitness goals are there because I really want to get more fit this year. It’ll help me in so many ways.

Two notes: I mentioned yesterday I wasn’t sure about a goal for the 12 hour race, but I needed to put on my 2013 goals so I figured I would aim fairly high, but lower than what I really wanted. If my training continues these next two months, I think 45 miles is definitely possible.

The Red Top Mountain 50K – I attempted this in June 2011 and failed pretty spectacularly. A blend of summer heat – temps in the 90s, inadequate training and a stomach that just quit digesting about 8 miles into the run. I stopped at mile 27.5. I want to finish the run this year. In the heat too. I’ll start a little earlier and I’ll be in much better shape.

It’s exciting thinking of the possibilities. It’s like spring training. Everyone suddenly has a chance to win. If I keep up with everything, I should accomplish most of these goals.

Other Goals:
Blog regularly – I’ve restarted the blog and I’m planning on updating it much more regularly.
Read more books – I debated putting a goal number, but longer books take more time. Just reading regularly is good enough.
Do more around the house – I try to pull my weight, but I want to do more.
Be a better father/husband – self explanatory right?

That’s all for now. Here’s to starting 2013 on the right foot!

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