Looking Back, Looking Ahead 2012/2013 edition

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There was a lot of bad in 2012, but plenty of good too.

I’m far from being the husband and father my family deserves, but I’m trying to improve that. Hopefully I made some strides. I did my best to cut out a lot of the activities and hobbies that were just mine to make sure I was spending as much time as I could with family.

My running this year was a comeback story of sorts. January and February started off well, with February hitting 110 miles. But I wouldn’t hit triple digits again until August thanks to mix a of illnesses (mine and Mrs. Fitgeek and Lil’ Geek), laziness and just life in general.

August was a strong month, and September was too, slowed only by a stomach bug and a vacation. October was a complete failure, but November was 101 miles, and December was the best month of the year: 114 miles, including two 20 mile runs. My final mileage for 2012 – 888 miles.

I didn’t run any races this year, and that was a good thing. I didn’t have any business doing any races. I’ve only got one on the schedule for 2013: a 12 hour race in March.

Looking to 2013, I’m planning on continuing to improve my running. I’m way too slow. There’s no question about that. So I want to work on my speed and continue to build my miles.

I also want to get into better overall shape in 2013. As decent as my running was, overall fitness was severely lacking. I want to be in much better shape at the end of 2013 than I am when it starts.

My mileage goal for 2012 was 1,200 miles. Obviously I was nowhere near it, but the final months of the year showed I can do it. So in 2013, my goal again is 1,200 miles.

As for the March race, I still don’t have a goal. Or I did, and I think it needs to be revised. I’ll figure it out by the end of January.

These aren’t specifics. I’ll show those in my 2013 resolutions post.

Overall, 2012 was a pretty good year.

Here’s to making 2013 even better.

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