Caution: Milestones Ahead

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 under Health, Running | No Comment

This morning’s run was a special one. It put me at 94 miles for the month with one run left on Sunday. December is currently the fourth-best month I’ve had in 2012, and with a long run on Sunday I’ll actually push this month into the no. 1 spot for miles this year.

It’s been a rocky year for me, running-wise. I’ll end 2012 on two polar opposite notes. On the one hand, I will have missed every single fitness goal I set for myself. That’s pretty depressing.

But I’ll also finish with back-to-back 100 mile months, the first time I’ve ever done that. Add in that 24% of my miles this year were tracked in the last two months and you can see the turnaround from the spring and how 2013 is set to be a good year if I’m consistent.

I’ll do a 2013 goals post in a few days.

But for now I’m just happy that what was looking to be a pretty poor year for running is starting to come together. I’ve got a little more than two months until the 12 hour race. This weekend’s four hour run will be a good test of what I can expect on race day. I still have picked a goal, but I will after this run.

My legs are feeling strong, my speed is starting to build (slowly) and if I stay consistent 2013 could be my best year ever.

That’s for later though. RIght now I need to get through Sunday’s long run. I’ll be testing out my new heart rate monitor too. I’ll post a product review afterward. So far I like it. It’s taking some getting used to, but it’ll be fun to use in the future.

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