A virtual race report

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This is a report on a virtual race, not a report that’s virtual. A Twitter friend was staging a virtual half marathon, and I couldn’t say no. It fell right at the perfect time: I had the weekend open for a long-ish run since my real long run was scheduled for Monday.

Oops. I couldn’t do my long run Monday so it was moved to Sunday. I would be doing two long runs back-to back. Well, that would make things interesting. I was planning on getting an early start but that didn’t happen. No worries. It was a good day for an afternoon marathon.

Miles 1-3
I don’t mind cold weather. I hate when it’s 45-50. It’s too cold to go without gloves – I’m a wuss – and too warm to be really bundled up. The first mile I spent trying to figure out if I needed a hat. I did. Quick car stop and I was back running. I was using the first three miles to see if my Achilles on both feet were healed. I never had a problem, and the first three miles zipped past.

Miles 4-7
I was moving well now and right on a 9:40 or so pace. The wind was starting to slow, and I was having zero problems.

Miles 8-11
About mile 9 I started struggling. The cold was back and I just couldn’t get in a rhythm. I pushed on and soon just had a couple miles to go.

Miles 12-13.1
With the end in sight I picked up the pace. I ended strongly and headed home to recover. After all, I’ve got another long run tomorrow.

Time – 2:09:20

I’m not sure what I’ll run tomorrow. Anything at 10 miles or more will be good. I’m at 77 mikes for the month, just 23 miles from my goal.

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  1. Nathan Maxwell Says:

    Excellent recap of the #VirtualHalfMary race. I had a great time running it today also. :)

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