Realistic Running

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I’ve come to grips with a lot in life. I won’t be devilishly handsome. I won’t have millions of dollars to spend on building a home movie theater. And I won’t be the runner I want to be.

That’s not to say I won’t try. That’s part of the fun. But here’s the facts: I have a job, a wife who for some reason enjoys spending time with me, a lil’ girl who is my entire world, and a good number of TV shows and movies that I really want to watch (I’m looking at you, Breaking Bad and Justified).

My training will never be the best it can be. Instead, I’m aiming for the best it can be, given my life situation. To be able to run five days a week would require a lot of sacrifices of not just me, but also my family. To put in the miles I should be doing would be too much of a burden on everyone around me.

I’d rather run when I can, train the best I can and see what happens. Time with Mrs. Fitgeek and Lil’ Geek is what’s important.

2012 was a not-so-great year for me, running-wise. I’ll do a recap in a few days, but overall it was incredibly disappointing. In other ways though, it was a very good year, and the outlook for 2013 seems pretty positive.


I took today off from running. Sunday’s run triggered some Achilles pain in both legs, and yesterday I was limping pretty badly. It’s better today and I’ll get in a nice run tomorrow. Saturday is a virtual half marathon I found out about on Twitter. I said I’d do it, so I can’t skip it now!

If the legs are all better, the plan is for a nice 20-miler on Monday that will give me a good projection on what I can expect in the 12 hour race a few months down the road.

I’ve also started more weight training to be a bit more balanced. It’s fun getting back into it.

I’m really really trying to catch up on Breaking Bad. I’ve got just three episodes left in season four. The show is like a runaway train, picking up speed and racing toward an inevitable but entertaining disaster.

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