By the numbers

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Today I ran 12 miles. I had a rough week between work and life. I hadn’t run since Monday. The time off messed me up pretty good. Today’s run I was sore for the first five miles, afterward I had a strained lower leg muscle. I’m hoping it was a fluke, but I’ve had this pain a couple of weeks ago.

My 120 mile goal for December is also in jeopardy. The week off put me 11 miles behind pace to reach 120. Hopefully my 20 miler next Monday will catch me up.

I was hoping to put down a definitive goal tonight for the 12 hour race, but after the week I had, I’m going to wait until Monday. By then, I’ll know pretty much what I’ll be capable of in March. I’m thinking I’m going to set my sights pretty high.

Lil’ Geek spent two days away with her grandparents. She had a blast. Mrs. Fitgeek and myself enjoyed our time alone, but boy did we miss our girl. We’re happy to have her home. It was too quiet without her.

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