99 days to go

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I was going to do a Jay-Z joke, but it seemed too easy.

In 99 days I will toe the line at my next ultra. 12 hours. Lots of miles. Plenty of days of training ahead.

Next Sunday after my next 20 miler I’ll finally have an idea of my goal mileage for the race. At that point I’ll know what I can do.

99 days. That doesn’t seem like a lot. My training is cutting back a bit to 3 to 4 days a week. It’s not ideal, but it works with my life right now and that’s fine.

On off days I plan to crosstrain and work more on my core muscles. Time is of the essence now. I have just more than three months to prepare for what will be my longest race so far in my life.

This morning I ran five easy miles, putting me at 35 for the month. Not a bad total as I’m still on pace to break my all-time monthly mileage goal of 120 miles set back in April 2011. My legs are almost 100% following last weekend’s long run and I’m only going to get stronger.

I’m in the double digits now of days left. Just around the corner. I’d better get running.

Also, a big thanks to Mrs. Fitness Geek for waking up with Lil’ Geek when I’m out on my runs. I know it’s not easy and I do appreciate it. Hopefully, the easier running schedule will make life a bit better for her.

In other news, I’ve been trying my best to catch up on Breaking Bad. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more guilty about not watching a show than after I watched the first couple of episodes on Netflix. Now I’m halfway into season four and wow. With very little hyperbole, it’s probably the most impressive show on television and easily the most ambitiously shot. Visually, it’s creative and intriguing. But the character development, acting and writing are better than anything else out now. Can’t wait to be caught up for the final episodes.

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