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On Sunday I ran 20 miles. It was 1 ½ years ago that I last ran more than 18 miles in a training run. The last time I ran more than 16 miles was February.

Going into the run, I was planning on 16-20, but was hopeful I could meet that 20-mile mark. November was a consistent month of running and just a week earlier I had finished with 15 miles. With the 12 hour race being a 1-mile loop, I knew I needed to get in some practice doing laps.

The park has a 2-mile loop, and this was a great learning experience. What’s it like to know I can stop after every other lap If I felt like I couldn’t go any longer? How is fueling different, when all my needs are only two miles away at worst?

The first few laps I used as a warmup and definitely worked out some aches and pains. By mile 8 I was moving well, with a consistent pace. I finished a half marathon in 2:16:18. Not particularly fast, but a half wasn’t my goal.

At mile 14, I knew I was doing 20. Miles 16 -18 were slow. I was tiring and my legs were getting sore. However, when I reached the last lap for the final two miles, I picked back up at finished easily.

I’m now in the meat of my training for the 12 hour race. I still haven’t picked a goal distance, but I’ll be doing that after my next 20 miler in two weeks. For now the plan is a 20 miler every two weeks and then a 32 miler in late January as a final warmup.

Yesterday’s run was a good litmus test, but there’s still plenty of work to do in the next three months!

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