Hitting 100

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This morning I ran four miles. Nothing unusual there – my pace was slower than I wanted and I my right shin was sore.

However, the third mile I completed put me at 100 miles for November 2012. I finished the month with 101 miles. There were some good miles, some bad miles and some so-so miles. Together they totaled 101.

This hasn’t been a terribly great year for me, training-wise. My original goal for 2012 was 1,200 miles. January started slowly, 78 miles run. February boomed with 110.

Then the wheels fell off. I didn’t break 50 miles in a month until July. November was only the second month this year where I crossed into triple digits. Looking back at my training log, it’s not a record I’m proud to call mine. It’s not the training log of a strong runner, a runner who wants to run very far for very long races.

Yet, there’s plenty to be optimistic about for the future. The 11th month of the year closes with no major injuries, some longish runs that topped out at 15 miles and a stretch of consistency that I haven’t seen in months.

There is only one month left in 2012, but there are three months left in my training for my “A” race. I won’t reach 1,200 miles this year. Or 1,000. Even 900 is a longshot.

I’m already looking to 2013. To the year as a whole, and to my race in March. I’ve got a couple more weeks before I start making 2013 goals.

100 in November. If December goes well, I’ll break 120. And then, who knows?

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