Looking back, looking ahead 11/19/12

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Lil’ Geek’s birthday party was yesterday, and that’s a post all it’s own, coming tomorrow. Wow, she turns three this week. Three.

Running-wise, this was a pretty good week. I managed 28 miles and had one really rough run where the legs were just blocks of cement. Chalk it up to lack of sleep plus the cold.

My long run was great, though. Twelve miles on a one-mile loop in similar style to my goal race, the 12-hour race in March. Mentally, it was tough to think of doing 12 individual loops. But I broke it down into stages and never felt like I wasn’t going to finish. Physically, I felt great. I can tell already that the mental challenge of the loops is going to require more training.

I’m planning on doing all of my long runs on the weekend on the 1-mile loop course to get better acclimated to doing it for long periods of time.

I boxed a bit and did yoga.

It was a busy week as we get ready for Lil’ Geek reaching the big zero-three. She’s super excited. Even if she’s throwing gang signs whenever she shows us her three fingers for her age.

This week my goal is to just maintain my mileage the best I can. I ran six miles today and I’ll get in another run tomorrow before we head out of town for Thanksgiving for five days. I won’t run on Lil’ Geek’s birthday (no time!) but I plan on running on Thanksgiving and maybe Friday, but definitely Saturday and maybe Sunday. If I miss a day here or there, that’s fine. I know this is going to be a tough week of running and staying fit.

Outside of that, I’m trying to catch up on Arrested Development before Season 4 premieres. There’s something I never thought I’d have the chance to say. I’m also slowly getting into Sons of Anarchy. The new favorite show, however, in the Geek household is Revenge. We burned through season 1 on Netflix in less than three weeks and quickly caught up on the current season. A week off without Revenge is not a fun week.

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