Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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Well, it was a busy one to say the least. We had some family health issues. Mrs. Fit Geek’s grandfather was seriously ill and we spent Saturday with him and the in-laws.

Lil’ Geek was her usual, mini-tornado self, running, playing and fighting sleep with every ounce of her tiny body.

My running this week was a little ying and yang. I did great up through Wednesday and then didn’t run another step through Sunday. I had runs scheduled for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but work, life, laziness and a youngster who didn’t want to sleep, all prevailed.

Total mileage: 10 miles. That’s a shade lower than the 30 miles the previous week.

Overall for February, I had a strong month of running and working out. I’m over 100 miles for the month, and I’m starting to feel gains from the lifting. Because of Lil’ Geek’s schedule, I’m lifting in the evenings and doing it in about 40 minutes. Short and sweet.

I didn’t get near as much done as I’d have liked to for the other aspects of my life, but that’s almost always the case. All I can do is keep striving.

I’ve got a half marathon run slated for March 18 with a bunch of friends. I’m not expecting to hit a PR but it will be a good test for my 2012 goal of breaking 2 hours for 13.1 miles.

This week I’ve got loads to do. I’ll be passing 30 miles for the week in running, lifting at least three times and doing a lecture at work. Busy, busy, busy.

As for Lil’ Geek, I’m hoping to spend tons of quality time with her. She’s my sun and my moon.

Mrs. Fit Geek and I love us some reality shows. This week’s Biggest Loser and Survivor should be good, and I’m looking forward to the finale of Top Chef. At last. It’s been a long season.

Mrs. Fit Geek is always stoked about the Bachelor. Oh well. She’s close to perfect so this isn’t a huge flaw.

Me, I’m lovin’ some Justified. And I’m looking forward to Awake. I’m also big into the second “A Song of Ice and Fire” series (better known to many as A Game of Thrones). The second book so far is stellar.

So the blog is finally back up and running. I’m redoing my blog roll, so if you’ve got a blog e-mail me at schulmanwriter@gmail.com and I’ll add it as long as you add mine too.

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