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Another year has passed, and without much blogging. Part of that was time, and part was I didn’t know how to blog. I had plenty to write about, but that wasn’t the problem. It was the how.

How do I write when I feel like most people don’t want to hear me talk about myself. That’s something I’ve struggled with this year, trying to be less about me.

So the blog is changing, just a bit. But it is changing. Instead of writing this for me, I’ll be writing it for Lil’ Geek. The content will be the same, but hopefully it will be a little less rambly. That’s a word, right? Rambly? Probably shorter posts, but more often. That’s the plan at least.

First off, it’s a new year so new goals.

1. I’ll blog at least three times a week.
2. Run at least four times a week.
3. Reach 1,200 miles in the birthday year
4. Run at least three ultra distances. This isn’t races. Right now I don’t think I’ll be able to fit a race into my schedule. I’ve been cutting back on those the last couple of years, and I think it’s been for the best.
5. Read the Torah. I’ve been neglecting this area of my life for plenty of reasons (none are good ones).
6. Get in better shape. Totally vain. But this summer was a wakeup call.
7. Spend more time with Mrs. Fitness Geek and Lil’ Geek.
8. See at least two movies a month. This one has dropped in recent months (mostly for the better), but I want to catch up.
9. Read more.
10. PR at the marathon and 50K distance. Lot of work here, but I’ve got a year, right?

That’s it. Later this week, photos of Lil’ Geek and a recap of the running so far.

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