A good day

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This was one of those days where the only place to be was outside with family. I started the day early, around 4 AM with my longest run of the year, 12 miles.

I had a time goal of sub 2 hours which would mean sub 10 minute miles.

This run was also my first with my new HTC phone and its mapmyrun app. It was fun tracking my splits and recording my route. I finished in 1:55, a good run.

Lil’ Geek was up not long after that and we spent the rest of the day playing. She refused to nap after playing outside, and it was obvious she was tired. She fought it until 5:00 or so when she fell asleep in the middle of eating.

We let her sleep sitting up. She didn’t mind! She woke up eventually but went down for the night a few hours later.

Relaxing days like this make me realize how much I enjoy weekends.

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