Prepping for 31 Miles

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I’m in the middle of training for my second ultra, a 50K that I’m putting on just a few miles from the house of Geek. I’m definitely nervous. My mileage has been so-so. In my first race, I trained with fairly low mileage with my weekday runs average about 4 miles. This time my weekday mileage is closer to 6 or 8 miles at a time.

However, and this is a big however, my long runs haven’t been that long. This past weekend I hit 10 miles for the first time since the 50K in November. The upside is that the run felt easy, with the exception of the last mile when stomach issues slowed me to a walk.

The goal this week is to head toward a weekly total of 30+ miles with my long runs continuing to build to that 20 mile mark.

I had hoped for 100 miles in March, and I would have made it with ease except I lost 6 days of running to a bad cold that knocked me on my butt. I’m a Daily Mile guy and I’ve joined a number of challenges, including hitting 100 miles in April and another for running 1,000 miles in 2011.

Well, the 1,000 one will be a bit harder because I joined in March, and it doesn’t count any miles before you join. Ah well. I’m not one to back down from a challenge.

Tomorrow will be my first run this week since Monday was rained out. The goal is 8 on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday and then 6-8 on Friday to get started on 100 for April. I’ll do my long run on Sunday, and the plan says 14. I know I can get in the miles. It’s just a matter of getting up and getting out the door.

Speaking of running, Lil’ Geek spent Saturday running around being chased by grandparents and last night she and I chased each other up and down the hall. She’s a big ball of fun and sugar.

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