Soooo, I’m back

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Let’s see, the last time I posted, Lil’ Geek was almost a year old and I was training for my first ultra.

I stopped blogging for a number of reasons.

1. Lil’ Geek. As she got older, our time together became the most important time to me. Not that it wasn’t before, but suddenly we were chasing each other around the house, stacking things, tickling and reading books. Something like blogging just didn’t matter.

2. Mrs. Fitness Geek. For some reason, she wanted to spend time with me too. I’m still not sure why.

3. Running/Work. If I wasn’t spending time with the family, I was working or running.

Life gets complicated with a little one, but it gets simple too. Only a few people and activities in life matter anymore. Tasks that were so important suddenly seem insignificant.

My world today is Lil’ Geek and Mrs. Geek. That’s it. Everything else is just gravy.

Today I have a halfway decent hold on life. Or at least parts of it. I’m up in the morning before six four or five days a week to run. I’m getting in about 30 miles a week and training for my second ultra, a 50K (more on that later).

After work my life is Lil’ Geek. We have about three hours together and we make it count. She loves to play hide and seek. She gets so tickled when she finds me that she falls over laughing. She eats yogurt with a spoon and all of the yogurt makes it to her face, but only 75 percent or so actually gets in her mouth.

Bath time is a blast. Her big thing is splashing and pouring water on herself.

After bath and some more food, it’s time to play again: vroom-vroom (riding on her princess car), stacking stuff and tickling.

Bed time at last. A few books, always ending with Goodnight Moon. She grabs her Tigger and George (the curious one), and she’s out. Usually.

Tomorrow I’ll start posting recaps of some of the big events of the last six months. Later I’ll post my 2011 goals and hopefully after that I’ll be back on track.

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  1. Stacey Says:

    Welcome back! That time you get to spend with Lil Geek is precious! They grow up waaaaay too fast!

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