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Looking back, looking ahead 11/19/12

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Lil’ Geek’s birthday party was yesterday, and that’s a post all it’s own, coming tomorrow. Wow, she turns three this week. Three.

Running-wise, this was a pretty good week. I managed 28 miles and had one really rough run where the legs were just blocks of cement. Chalk it up to lack of sleep plus the cold.

My long run was great, though. Twelve miles on a one-mile loop in similar style to my goal race, the 12-hour race in March. Mentally, it was tough to think of doing 12 individual loops. But I broke it down into stages and never felt like I wasn’t going to finish. Physically, I felt great. I can tell already that the mental challenge of the loops is going to require more training.

I’m planning on doing all of my long runs on the weekend on the 1-mile loop course to get better acclimated to doing it for long periods of time.

I boxed a bit and did yoga.

It was a busy week as we get ready for Lil’ Geek reaching the big zero-three. She’s super excited. Even if she’s throwing gang signs whenever she shows us her three fingers for her age.

This week my goal is to just maintain my mileage the best I can. I ran six miles today and I’ll get in another run tomorrow before we head out of town for Thanksgiving for five days. I won’t run on Lil’ Geek’s birthday (no time!) but I plan on running on Thanksgiving and maybe Friday, but definitely Saturday and maybe Sunday. If I miss a day here or there, that’s fine. I know this is going to be a tough week of running and staying fit.

Outside of that, I’m trying to catch up on Arrested Development before Season 4 premieres. There’s something I never thought I’d have the chance to say. I’m also slowly getting into Sons of Anarchy. The new favorite show, however, in the Geek household is Revenge. We burned through season 1 on Netflix in less than three weeks and quickly caught up on the current season. A week off without Revenge is not a fun week.

It’s About Time

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I love running. I love eating. I love working out. I love fast food. I the discipline of training. I love enjoying a big meal.

No more. For the last week I’ve flirted with dieting. That’s a funny word. Tell people you diet and they imagine you’re eating rice cakes and celery sticks.

I’ve always thought I had a handle on my diet. But the truth is it’s a tenuous grasp.

This past week I spent three days counting calories. It was frustrating, exhausting and very beneficial. It worked. I ate less and ate better.

But I know now that I need to diet. Every day. Count calories. Focus on what’s going in. Enjoy the occasional bad meal, but cut back on the real junky stuff.

This is not something I want to do. Not exactly. I want  to be healthy. I want to look better and get in top shape. But that takes discipline, something I’ve struggled with when it comes to training and to eating.

No more. Beginning tomorrow I’ll be posting regular weigh-ins and progress. The progress reports will be part of my weekly recaps on Monday.

As for goals, they’re pretty simple.

Drop 7 pounds
Lower body fat to under 19%
Run a sub 8 minute mile
Do 75 pushups in a single set

I’m currently training for my first ultramarathon since last year. It’s a 12-hour race in March.

I plan on being ready.

Weekly Recap – November 5, 2012

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What a week. Mrs. Fitgeek had sinus surgery on Monday and Lil’ Geek was sick Friday through Sunday.

Halloween was a blast, thanks to Lil’ Geek’s adorable costume and her ability to make everyone fall in love with her. Yeah, I’m not ready for the teenage Lil’ Geek.

Lil’ Geek doesn’t understand how Halloween candy works. She refuses to eat any of it. Instead, she just wants to look at it, shake it and take it from room to room. It was torture trying not to steal from her. For the record I ate ONLY one piece of her candy and I gave her additional candy out of guilt.

Everyone in the house seems to be on the mend. Finally!

My running and working out was sporadic, but it’s starting to get back on track. I only ran 14 miles last week, but in the midst of all that was going on, that’s just fine. I did weights and boxed two days and that certainly helped as well.

This week my goals are pretty simple:

Run 28-30 miles
Box and lift weights 3 days
Catch up on Walking Dead!

October recap and November preview

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October Training Recap and November Preview

This was the month I was supposed to really break through in my training. And I did. For about two weeks. Then the running slowed to nothing, I rarely lifted weights and nothing got done to push me closer to my goal.

By the end of the month, I was over my original starting weight for the month and severely undertrained.

I’m hopeful I can learn from the mistakes of October. I don’t know. Looking back at my analyses of the previous 10 months of 2012, here is how it breaks down: 7 Failure months and only 3 successes. It should be noted that only one of the successes was an outright success. The other two were successes only because they weren’t exactly failures.

November is my make-or-break month. If I don’t buckle down and get my miles in, get my weight under control and get to working out, on December 1 I’ll be asking for a refund for my March race. It’s that simple.

I’ve lost too many days and weeks this year to have had a successful year of running. Ten months ago I was on my way to reaching my goal of 1,200 miles. Two months ago, I was barely on pace to make a go at 1,000 miles. Now, if I’m really diligent and don’t have any setbacks I might make 900 miles.

I don’t mean for this to sound so doom and gloom. It’s just the way it is. I’m trying to fight back. I just have to hope it’s not too little too late.

Figuring things out

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Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing my longest run since March. Twelve miles. The good news is I’m looking forward to the run, and afterward I’ll have my seond-highest monthly mileage this year. That’s all pretty cool.

The bad news is I’m slow. Sloooooooow. A lot of factors played in here. I haven’t done any speedwork, I run a good bit of hills and I like to take it easy. I’ve been injured before and there’s some wariness there on my part too. Also, I’m not at my best weight.

I realized all this during my morning run today and I’m going to make some changes.

  1. I’m going to eat better. I’ve always taken a eat what I want in moderation outlook, but it’s clear now that’s not enough. It won’t be a huge change, and there will be some bad days, but my goal is to limit the bad days and just be more conscious of what’s going in my stomach.
  2. Less soda. I drink a couple of cans a day, with more when we go out to eat. One a day, max now with one day a week with zero soda.
  3. Weight training and boxing twice a week minimum. I enjoy it, but I need to make more time for it.
  4. Speed training once a week. This will be one of two ways – either dedicated speed work or just pushing the pace on a run.
  5. Push the pace at the end of my long runs. I’ve also prided myself on feeling good at the end of my runs. But it’s time to leave everything on the blacktop.
  6. Run. 30 Miles a week is my goal. Every week.

I haven’t posted my goals in a while, so I’ll do that tomorrow. Time to plan the route for tomorrow’s run!

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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Well, it was a busy one to say the least. We had some family health issues. Mrs. Fit Geek’s grandfather was seriously ill and we spent Saturday with him and the in-laws.

Lil’ Geek was her usual, mini-tornado self, running, playing and fighting sleep with every ounce of her tiny body.

My running this week was a little ying and yang. I did great up through Wednesday and then didn’t run another step through Sunday. I had runs scheduled for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but work, life, laziness and a youngster who didn’t want to sleep, all prevailed.

Total mileage: 10 miles. That’s a shade lower than the 30 miles the previous week.

Overall for February, I had a strong month of running and working out. I’m over 100 miles for the month, and I’m starting to feel gains from the lifting. Because of Lil’ Geek’s schedule, I’m lifting in the evenings and doing it in about 40 minutes. Short and sweet.

I didn’t get near as much done as I’d have liked to for the other aspects of my life, but that’s almost always the case. All I can do is keep striving.

I’ve got a half marathon run slated for March 18 with a bunch of friends. I’m not expecting to hit a PR but it will be a good test for my 2012 goal of breaking 2 hours for 13.1 miles.

This week I’ve got loads to do. I’ll be passing 30 miles for the week in running, lifting at least three times and doing a lecture at work. Busy, busy, busy.

As for Lil’ Geek, I’m hoping to spend tons of quality time with her. She’s my sun and my moon.

Mrs. Fit Geek and I love us some reality shows. This week’s Biggest Loser and Survivor should be good, and I’m looking forward to the finale of Top Chef. At last. It’s been a long season.

Mrs. Fit Geek is always stoked about the Bachelor. Oh well. She’s close to perfect so this isn’t a huge flaw.

Me, I’m lovin’ some Justified. And I’m looking forward to Awake. I’m also big into the second “A Song of Ice and Fire” series (better known to many as A Game of Thrones). The second book so far is stellar.

So the blog is finally back up and running. I’m redoing my blog roll, so if you’ve got a blog e-mail me at and I’ll add it as long as you add mine too.

2012 Resolutions

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I’ve been mostly quiet about my goals this year. Here on the blog, I’ve been just quiet in general. I’m trying to find more time to blog. Hopefully this will be my best attempt.

This year I’ve set out a number of goals that I didn’t accomplish last year. In fact, I accomplished 0 of my goals. 2011 was a failure as a runner, husband, father and person.

With that in mind, here are just some of my goals for 2012.


1,400 miles – I started 2012 with a slow January, but February is shaping up to put me back on target. As of today, I’m right on track to make this record.

Sub 2:00 half marathon – A long shot right now, but a solid goal. I’m slowly getting speed back, but I want to break 2 hours.

Sub 4:30 in marathon – This is going to be one of the tougher goals. I’ve got a marathon attempt in April and another probably over the summer. A sub 10 min mile sustained for that distance is not in the cards right now, but I really want this one.

Sub 5:30 50K – That’s a sub 10:30 pace. My previous best is 5:42, about an 11 minute pace. If I get some speed in the coming months, this one is possible. I’ll probably make a go of it in the summer, probably an early morning attempt.

Sub 8 minute mile – Nothing too exciting here, but it would be fun to see what I could do.

Other fitness goals:

100 push-ups – I want to complete the 100 push-up challenge this year.

50 bodyweight squats – We’ll see.

These aren’t my only goals, for sure. But it’s a good start. There’s plenty more on the personal and spiritual side.

I’ll update these as the year progresses.

As I mentioned, my running is back to where it should be, at least in regards to mileage. I’m averaging about 30 miles a week, four to five days a week of running. I’d like to be pushing 40 miles a week by April.

Saturday I ran 16 miles, the most for me since last June. It was a good run, and I had some speed for the first half, averaging sub 10 minute miles. I realize that’s not exactly “speed” but for my long runs, I’ll take it. And it is getting better.

The run left me pretty sore, so I’m debating another 16 or doing 20 this Saturday. It’ll depend on how the week plays out.

For now I’m hoping to keep piling on the miles as I prep for a March 18 half marathon PR attempt and an April marathon PR test.