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Lil’ Geek 3.1

Posted on Feb 26, 2012 under family | No Comment

Late Nights and early mornings

Lil’ Geek, you are quite the sleeper. Some days, you are up at 7 AM, others 4 AM is your wake-up call.

I’ll hear you hollering, “Daddy! Daddy!”

On those early mornings, we have a ritual: Bleary-eyed, both of us, we make our way to the kitchen for a nice “Mean Bup.” That’s Lil’ Geek speak for “Green Cup. Preferably filled with milk.”

We curl up on the couch together, watching a portion of Curious George 2 or Strawberry Shortcake before you’re ready to go back to sleep.

A few books are read, just like at bedtime. Then, you stretch out with Tigger and drift off to the land of Z’s once more while I rub your back.

The rest of the day is often tough on your dad because I love my sleep. Yet, those quiet moments together when the rest of the world sleeps are ours and ours alone.

For a two-month stretch, you were up every other day at 3:30ish. It was rough. I stopped running. I was falling asleep at night on the couch.

But those mornings, while they were not easy, they were magical. Many of them we would sleep together on the couch, you on top of me, Tigger always in your grasp. My back would ache the next day and I would be exhausted, but nothing equals you snuggling up close and snoring on my shoulder.

You’re sleeping better most nights now, but when you are up early, we have our quiet fun while the cats doze and your mom sleeps.

We’ll both be tired the rest of the day, but for a few hours in the morning, the world is ours.