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11 Months and growing

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Lil’ Geek, how time has passed us by. I’m sure you’re wondering why I haven’t written in so long. There’s a good reason. You may not understand it now; you might even see it as selfish.

Well, it was. See, you have to understand what our afternoons were like for the last 9 months. I would pick you up from the babysitter after work and we’d head home, just you and I.

And this is where I got a little selfish. That time at home, those 2-5 hours that were just ours, well, I spent every minute of it with you and you alone. Early on, the afternoons were spent holding you and getting you to laugh. Often you would fall asleep on me. Nothing was better.

As you grew, our playing evolved. You had your favorite toys grew more complicated, and you would crawl over me and smile and laugh and the world was perfect.

Over time you learned to say “da-da.” I would chase you down the hall and you would giggle and the whole world disappeared around us. When you learned to kiss (your version was leaning in with your mouth wide open, tongue hanging out) you somehow became even more adorable.

I probably should have written more to you these last months, but I think I was keeping all of those wonderful memories for myself. Whether it was sitting on the floor reading to you while you learned to flip pages or rolling a ball across the floor to you, those moments mean more to me than any letter could ever mean to you.

A couple of weeks ago your mom was out with friends so you and I had our first daddy-daughter date. We went to McDonald’s and you managed to eat a McNugget or two while watching other children play. I could see it in your eyes how bad you wanted to go play, but your little legs just weren’t ready for that yet.

That night you and I played. And played. And played some more. That night we sat in your room and as I was reading you your bedtime stories (with you turning the pages faster than I could read) you did something you had never done: you looked up at me, smiled and leaned upward with your mouth open for a kiss.

For the first time ever, YOU were asking for a kiss, proud of yourself for flipping the pages and happy just to be sitting on my lap on a Saturday night. It was without a doubt one of the sweetest moments of my life.

You’ve grown so much, Lil’ Geek. I love you more as each second passes. Your smile keeps my heart beating. I hope you don’t mind that I haven’t written much in your first year. I decided a while ago to spend every available moment with you. I’m happy I did.

I promise to write more and hopefully I’ll make you as proud as you’ve made me.

I love you Lil’ Geek. I’m looking forward to sharing McNuggets again with you real soon.

Back on track

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This morning I had a great six miler. It was the first time I ran this course in nearly a year and the first time at this distance in months. I’m not proud of either of those statements but hopefully I’m back to regular running.

I need to hit the road hard and start lifting more, not only because I have a race in a month but also I’m just getting fat.

I’ve started putting some goals together for the year, both for running and on a personal level. I’ll share them on Monday.

For now though i’m going to just to enjoy the afterglow of a good run and a good start.

Happy Birthday Beautiful

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Today marks Mrs. Fitness Geek’s 30th year. To say that I love her doesn’t do justice to how she makes me feel.

We’ve been together now for five years and change, and I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have a woman like her.

I know today was especially fantastic because it is her first birthday as a mom…and a great mom at that.

Turning 30 isn’t easy for most people, and I know Mrs. Fitness Geek was a nervous about getting older. She shouldn’t be too concerned. She’ll always be my trophy wife.

I’d recap her birthday so far, but there are a few more surprises in store, so I can’t say anything just yet.

Happy birthday, beautiful. I love you more every day.

Short and sweetX2

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I’ve run twice in the past two days Good. Both runs were cut short. Bad. Both runs were at 9:15 paces. Good. The first run ended when I saw my car had a flat tire, the second because of rain.

Eh, it happens. The important thing is I got some mileage in on both days. I’m dealing with the constant headache the best way I can…by deciding I’m not going to sit around and complain. Well, not all the time. Maybe just some of the time. Tonight is a weights night and then tomorrow is a longer mid-week run, hopefully 6 miles.

Lil’ Geek and I had some great quality time together last night. We watched TV together, she ate, and later fell asleep. In fact, she’s slept almost 12 hours now…good for her!

Lil’ Geek 2.1

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Now that you’re here, I figured it was time to tell you just how much I love you.

You’re now just over three months old and we already have a few traditions that are just ours and ours alone.

Did you know that every night at bedtime I touch each of your cheeks, then your forehead and then your little nose. It’s my special way of telling you goodnight.

I really hope our special Sunday morning traditions last for years. Every Sunday I let your mom sleep in and when you wake up, I take you into the back room and we sit and you have your breakfast (a hearty bottle of formula) and we catch up on television shows from the past week. When this tradition first started, you usually slept through everything we watched. Now you sit up, with some help, and it’s like we really are watching together.

I’m looking forward to us having more traditions together.

You’re growing so fast. Keep on growin’. But don’t forget to take a break every now and then and sit with your dad.

Diagnosis: This sucks

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I’m finishing up week 3 of the constant headache. I had an MRI on Thursday which confirmed that I have chronic sinusitis. I head back in Thursday to figure out treatment and future possibilities that could include surgery.

It’s obvious I’m not feeling too hot. Or looking too hot either. I haven’t worked out/run regularly since…I don’t know. I guess I can lay the blame at:

1. A constant headache that keeps me from sleeping well.
2. Lil’ Geek who hasn’t decided if she wants to go to sleep late, wake up early, both or neither.
3. Laziness.

I’ve known for a while that the best time for me to run/workout is going to be at night around 11-1. It’s the only time I’ve really got to myself. The problem has been the poor sleep and the laziness. I’m hoping I’ll be able to rectify that starting tonight. I just have to do it. Headache or not. Laziness be damned.

As for Lil’ Geek. She’s just a growin’ and growin’. She somehow has figured out a way to be more beautiful every minute that passes. I’m going to start back up my Sunday letters to her. I took a break from blogging because there wasn’t much for me to say. Or that I felt anyone would want to read. Posts about me not working out/running, being lazy and feeling like crap don’t sound like a lot of fun.

Hopefully this is the turnaround for that.

Protected: An update

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Out and about

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I had a nice 5-miler last, averaging about a 9:40 mile. The IT issue is coming back up, but I plan on rehabbing it aggressively and working on a better running posture.

Tonight I tore through the Men’s Health Spartacus workout. And yeah, at the end I did want to yell, “This is SPARTA!”

I’m slowly seeing changes; gradual and steady, but they are there. This weekend I’m planning an 80 minute run and a 30 minute run. I’m logging my runs based on time, not miles. This is because of one of the races I’m planning on doing this year. More on that Sunday.

I do have goals for this year. Lofty ones. But I’m working on staying consistent in my training, and Mrs. Fitness Geek and I are working hard to eat better too. All of this should lead to success. Should.

Lil’ Geek is feeling better and has become more beautiful with each passing minute.

Tomorrow will be an easy day of no exercise before the big weekend.

I’m really looking forward to Saturday’s run. It’ll be a rain or shine run, something another run suggested. Personally, I’m hoping for shine.

The sky is falling and Lil Geek the dinosaur

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What a week. On Monday our living room ceiling became our living room floor. Literally.
A quarter of the ceiling had water damage which was going to be fixed on Wednesday. But the ceiling didn’t wait and instead fell into the living room.

Luckily, our contractor came by and fixed it up Tuesday. The roof repairs are scheduled for Monday. One crisis averted.

On Thursday Lil Geek was diagnosed with RSV. Not serious for a one-year-old. But for a two-month old, it can be very serious.

So Lil’ Geek celebrated her two month birthday with a trip to the doctor and then a visit to immediate care. To say she was thrilled would be a bit of an overstatement. We went home with a brand new nebulizer (a breathing machine to the layperson) and hooked it up.

Here’s Lil’ Geek as a dinosaur…


She was a real trooper. She slept through several of the treatments, but it broke my heart to see her like that. Knowing she wasn’t feeling good made my soul ache. But I also know the medicine was helping her, so I was glad to see her as a dinosaur. Even if she was the angriest dinosaur.

It seems she’s starting to feel better, and we’re hoping she is going to be back to her normal self soon: a little girl that has a smile that lights up the world and who can’t get enough of her parents.

Feel better soon Lil’ Geek. We love you.

Happy 2 Months

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Lil’ Geek turns the big 02 (months) today. She’s changed so much in the last 30 days.

She sleeps through the night.
She smiles when she’s happy…not just when she’s ummm, conducting business.
She snores. There is no cuter sound.
She recognizes me and Mrs. Fitness Geek and laughs when we tickle her.
She is more beautiful.

Happy two months, lil’ one. Keep growing. You’re about nine pounds now and packin’ on the ounces with every bottle.

As for me, I’m finally back into a routine of some sort that includes work, running, lifting weights, spending time with Mrs. Fitness Geek and hanging out with Lil’ Geek. What more could a guy ask for? I’m going to start blogging more regularly. Up until now, it was just a matter of finding time to do it…