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Looking to 2014

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I’m trying to keep it simple this year when it comes to goals.

  • Run 1,000 miles
  • Break 5:30 in a 50K
  • Finish all the Game of Thrones books
  • Break 4:30 in a marathon

Simple goals that I think are attainable. After more than two years my cheap headlamp finally bought the farm. My replacement, a Black Diamond Storm, should be here tomorrow. I’m looking forward to breaking it in. This new one should be about three times as bright as my old headlamp. It’s probably going to feel like I’ve got a searchlight attached to me.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

By the numbers

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Today I ran 12 miles. I had a rough week between work and life. I hadn’t run since Monday. The time off messed me up pretty good. Today’s run I was sore for the first five miles, afterward I had a strained lower leg muscle. I’m hoping it was a fluke, but I’ve had this pain a couple of weeks ago.

My 120 mile goal for December is also in jeopardy. The week off put me 11 miles behind pace to reach 120. Hopefully my 20 miler next Monday will catch me up.

I was hoping to put down a definitive goal tonight for the 12 hour race, but after the week I had, I’m going to wait until Monday. By then, I’ll know pretty much what I’ll be capable of in March. I’m thinking I’m going to set my sights pretty high.

Lil’ Geek spent two days away with her grandparents. She had a blast. Mrs. Fitgeek and myself enjoyed our time alone, but boy did we miss our girl. We’re happy to have her home. It was too quiet without her.

A New Year

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2012. I’m hoping this year will be even better than last year. Lil’ Geek continues to grow and laugh and liven up the world.

I’ve got a number of goals for this year. Some are off to a good start. Others, not exactly.

Run 1,200 – 1,500 miles: I’ve got ground to make up here for sure. January will be at best 80 miles. That puts me well behind my goal, but I’ve got 11 months to make it up.

100 pushup challenge: I’m hoping to start this in the next couple of days.

Get in better shape: Not just running.

Run another ultra: As of last November, I’m no longer an ultrarunner. I can’t call myself one if I haven’t run one in the last year. I want to run at least two 50Ks this year with a goal of a 50 miler in 2013.

Be a better father. Lil’ Geek deserves the best.

Be a better husband. Mrs. Fitgeek deserves the best too.

I also want to read more, write and just do more to better myself.

Here’s to a good year.

On Running

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My running has suffered this past week. Laziness, plus bad weather plus Lil’ Geek’s internal alarm going off at 3 and 4 am equaled not a lot of running.

That’s the bad news. The good news is I’ve run twice in the last two days and I’m almost back on track. Looking back at the past birthday year (Oct. 2 – Oct. 1) I ran 1,001 miles, my most in a 365 day period.

I’ve got a good base built up and my goal for the rest of the month and November is to build on that base and start doing some speedwork.

I’ve jumped into social media with my fitness. I’m on dailymile as fitgeek, and you can find me on as schulmanwriter.

I’m really wanting to get back into shape over the winter.

That’s it for now. Time to spend time with the family!

Checking In

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Another year has passed, and without much blogging. Part of that was time, and part was I didn’t know how to blog. I had plenty to write about, but that wasn’t the problem. It was the how.

How do I write when I feel like most people don’t want to hear me talk about myself. That’s something I’ve struggled with this year, trying to be less about me.

So the blog is changing, just a bit. But it is changing. Instead of writing this for me, I’ll be writing it for Lil’ Geek. The content will be the same, but hopefully it will be a little less rambly. That’s a word, right? Rambly? Probably shorter posts, but more often. That’s the plan at least.

First off, it’s a new year so new goals.

1. I’ll blog at least three times a week.
2. Run at least four times a week.
3. Reach 1,200 miles in the birthday year
4. Run at least three ultra distances. This isn’t races. Right now I don’t think I’ll be able to fit a race into my schedule. I’ve been cutting back on those the last couple of years, and I think it’s been for the best.
5. Read the Torah. I’ve been neglecting this area of my life for plenty of reasons (none are good ones).
6. Get in better shape. Totally vain. But this summer was a wakeup call.
7. Spend more time with Mrs. Fitness Geek and Lil’ Geek.
8. See at least two movies a month. This one has dropped in recent months (mostly for the better), but I want to catch up.
9. Read more.
10. PR at the marathon and 50K distance. Lot of work here, but I’ve got a year, right?

That’s it. Later this week, photos of Lil’ Geek and a recap of the running so far.

A good day

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This was one of those days where the only place to be was outside with family. I started the day early, around 4 AM with my longest run of the year, 12 miles.

I had a time goal of sub 2 hours which would mean sub 10 minute miles.

This run was also my first with my new HTC phone and its mapmyrun app. It was fun tracking my splits and recording my route. I finished in 1:55, a good run.

Lil’ Geek was up not long after that and we spent the rest of the day playing. She refused to nap after playing outside, and it was obvious she was tired. She fought it until 5:00 or so when she fell asleep in the middle of eating.

We let her sleep sitting up. She didn’t mind! She woke up eventually but went down for the night a few hours later.

Relaxing days like this make me realize how much I enjoy weekends.

Prepping for 31 Miles

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I’m in the middle of training for my second ultra, a 50K that I’m putting on just a few miles from the house of Geek. I’m definitely nervous. My mileage has been so-so. In my first race, I trained with fairly low mileage with my weekday runs average about 4 miles. This time my weekday mileage is closer to 6 or 8 miles at a time.

However, and this is a big however, my long runs haven’t been that long. This past weekend I hit 10 miles for the first time since the 50K in November. The upside is that the run felt easy, with the exception of the last mile when stomach issues slowed me to a walk.

The goal this week is to head toward a weekly total of 30+ miles with my long runs continuing to build to that 20 mile mark.

I had hoped for 100 miles in March, and I would have made it with ease except I lost 6 days of running to a bad cold that knocked me on my butt. I’m a Daily Mile guy and I’ve joined a number of challenges, including hitting 100 miles in April and another for running 1,000 miles in 2011.

Well, the 1,000 one will be a bit harder because I joined in March, and it doesn’t count any miles before you join. Ah well. I’m not one to back down from a challenge.

Tomorrow will be my first run this week since Monday was rained out. The goal is 8 on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday and then 6-8 on Friday to get started on 100 for April. I’ll do my long run on Sunday, and the plan says 14. I know I can get in the miles. It’s just a matter of getting up and getting out the door.

Speaking of running, Lil’ Geek spent Saturday running around being chased by grandparents and last night she and I chased each other up and down the hall. She’s a big ball of fun and sugar.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Fitness Geek

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Happy birthday to the love of my life. You are the glue that keeps our family together. I hope this day is everything you want it to be and more.

I’m lucky enough to have married my best friend. Have a very happy birthday because you’ve made everyone in your life very, very happy.

Soooo, I’m back

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Let’s see, the last time I posted, Lil’ Geek was almost a year old and I was training for my first ultra.

I stopped blogging for a number of reasons.

1. Lil’ Geek. As she got older, our time together became the most important time to me. Not that it wasn’t before, but suddenly we were chasing each other around the house, stacking things, tickling and reading books. Something like blogging just didn’t matter.

2. Mrs. Fitness Geek. For some reason, she wanted to spend time with me too. I’m still not sure why.

3. Running/Work. If I wasn’t spending time with the family, I was working or running.

Life gets complicated with a little one, but it gets simple too. Only a few people and activities in life matter anymore. Tasks that were so important suddenly seem insignificant.

My world today is Lil’ Geek and Mrs. Geek. That’s it. Everything else is just gravy.

Today I have a halfway decent hold on life. Or at least parts of it. I’m up in the morning before six four or five days a week to run. I’m getting in about 30 miles a week and training for my second ultra, a 50K (more on that later).

After work my life is Lil’ Geek. We have about three hours together and we make it count. She loves to play hide and seek. She gets so tickled when she finds me that she falls over laughing. She eats yogurt with a spoon and all of the yogurt makes it to her face, but only 75 percent or so actually gets in her mouth.

Bath time is a blast. Her big thing is splashing and pouring water on herself.

After bath and some more food, it’s time to play again: vroom-vroom (riding on her princess car), stacking stuff and tickling.

Bed time at last. A few books, always ending with Goodnight Moon. She grabs her Tigger and George (the curious one), and she’s out. Usually.

Tomorrow I’ll start posting recaps of some of the big events of the last six months. Later I’ll post my 2011 goals and hopefully after that I’ll be back on track.

First Steps

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Some firsts this past Sunday. Lil’ Geek took her first steps, a feat that was as amazing as it was short. But she’s working hard to get up to five or six steps before she topples over.

Also on Sunday I ran my second of three 20 milers before my big race on Nov. 14. It’s my first ultra, and I’ve got to say I’m a bit nervous and excited. This weekend’s plan is 20-24 miles, depending on how the legs feel. That’s my last really long run before the race.

I’ve got a time goal of six hours, and a big goal of having Lil’ Geek cross the finish line with me. So she’s working on her walking and I’m working on my running. We’re quite the team.

17 days to go until the race!